Join us for NamaStay Sober January 
in order to spread awareness about addiction. 
In a recent study from the surgeon general it was reported that an estimated 2.1 million Americans are living with a substance abuse disorder.
That's 1.5 times as many people who have ANY kind of cancer. 

For the month of January, the NamaStay Sober community is making a pledge to live a sober life.  You will see us reposting and supporting people who are taking the pledge with us.  Help us re-define sobriety as what you are creating in your life rather what you are abstaining from.  


We will also highlight some helpful ideas of how to live a sober life.

Sober Life : A created life, free from addiction.

How to participate:


1.) Join our movement on Instagram and Facebook by using the hashtags #NamaStaySoberJanuary #RedefineSobriety

2.) Describe what your sobriety looks like aka what keeps you happy, healthy, mindful and free! 

3.) Fundraise for our campaign on Crowdrise so that your friends and family can support your journey and help contribute to our overall goal of raising enough money to fund 30 yoga scholarships to people in early recovery for an entire year!

4.) Tag 3 friends to join our movement!


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