Nicoletta Longo

Founder & Managing Partner

Nicoletta 'Nico' is committed to empowering and enabling people to live a life that they love - a concept through which she developed NamaStay Sober. She is passionate about yoga, meditation and fitness and sees them as being an access to a fulfilled life. After having her own life transformed through her time living and studying yoga in Bali, Nico was inspired to offer yoga and fitness memberships to people in early recovery in her hometown, Boston. She seeks to foster creativity in the space that sobriety creates so as to prevent relapse and isolation. Nico believes that "mindfulness in the body leads to self awareness and that is where transformation begins." 


Favorite quote: "Wherever you are, be all there." -Rumi

Favorite food: Nana's stuffed artichokes

Spirit animal: Tiger

Chad Hébert


Chad is an operations manager at a global medical device manufacturing company and also the owner/athlete of ignytrr - an active lifestyle clothing company. He is fueled by a desire to be of service to people in early recovery by staying active and connected to the NamaStay Sober community. He's passionate about the power of community building, continuous improvement, accountability, and fitness in the quest for all to live a life they love. Chad has been personally affected by addiction within his family and own life and has leaped at the opportunity to lend his business background to the NamaStay Sober mission. When he's not working on day to day operations of the businesses he’s involved with, you can find him riding his mountain bike or fixie, rock climbing, or adventuring somewhere.


Favorite quote: "Be & Do"

Favorite food: Vegan cookies

Spirit Animal: Fox

Julie Helmes

Finance & Development

Julie is a nonprofit management professional, experienced event planner and registered yoga teacher. Her roots are in Marblehead, MA, she studied at UVM and Johns Hopkins, and developed a career in Los Angeles. Julie is now pursuing a lifestyle coast to coast where philanthropy and the yoga community meet. She is passionate about supporting sustainable efforts for healthy communities. After meeting Nicoletta and being introduced to Namastay Sober, Julie felt that her nonprofit experience and passion for yoga and healthy communities were all perfectly connected. She feels that Namastay Sober is more than an organization with a mission, it is a movement with a transformation.  


Fun fact: hula hoop dancer 

Favorite quote: "Life will give you whatever experiences are most helpful to the evolution of your consciousness" -Unknown graffiti artist (LA)

Food: Fresh rolls and peanut sauce 

Spirit animal: Fox

John Rogers

Finance Committee Chair

John is a finance executive with experience spanning wealth management, corporate finance, and private banking. However, his personal passion is rooted in fitness & health. Knowing Nicoletta for several years, and inspired by her passion and energy toward the creation and growth of NamaStay Sober, he believes that the combination of his professional skills and his personal passion would make a valuable contribution to the support and growth of this tremendous mission.  When he is not wearing his banker’s suit, you can find him at the gym, surfing in the waves, or skiing in the mountains.

Bonnie Koch

Human Resources

Bonnie specializes in creating standard operating procedures consistent with NamaStay Sober's mission and company goals. 

Favorite quote: "The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step." - Lao Tzu

Favorite food: Sushi and Grandma's lasagna

Spirit animal: Puppy dog

Natasha Longo


Natasha is a serial entrepreneur, co-founder and managing partner of BLK Strategic: a marketing consultancy fiercely committed to authentic brand-consumer connection. With 15+ years in business development, Natasha is focused on the growth and expansion of the Namastay Sober community as a larger consciousness shift- and to spreading the message of connection between mind, body & spirit in the recovery process. Personally affected by generations of addiction and recovery within her family, Natasha is committed to broadening the Namastay Sober mission.


Favorite quote: "Some women fear the fire, and some women simply become it” ~R.H.Sin

Favorite food: Baked Ziti 

Spirit animal: Bear

Matthew Parlante

Director of Hosts

Matthew is a recovering addict, who got clean on June 5 2009. He is passionate about running, fitness, food, traveling, and being of service to others. He is a father, a United States Marine Corps Reserve Veteran, telecom technician, and currently awaiting consideration for employment as a firefighter. 
His passion for Namastay Sober is a direct reflection of the passion he experiences through the founder Nicoletta Longo, a very dear friend to him. He mentors NamaStay Sober members so that they can get the most out of their boxing memberships. He deeply believes in the program and the possibility it has to help an unlimited amount of people.

Favorite Quote: "if you have one leg in today, and one leg in tomorrow, you're pissing all over today" Richie Rallo
Favorite Food: seafood!
Spirit animal: the Llama 

Julian Lewis

Finance & Fundraising

Julian is an entrepreneur and commercial real estate professional. He is passionate about extreme sports, pit bulls, boating, cooking, music and travel. Julian recently jumped off the highest bungee jump in the world - Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. Julian joined Nicoletta in the early development of Namastay Sober after watching family and friends struggle with addiction. He brings his financial and investment expertise to the board and also participates in rock climbing and yoga as a NamaStay Sober mentor. 


Favorite Quote "When the going gets tough, the tough get going" 

Favorite food: Ice Cream (Which also happens to be his dog Sasha's favorite food too!)

Spirit animal: Lion

Theresa Drum


Theresa Drum is our secretary and specializes in strategic partnerships. 

Favorite quote: "Love is all you need." - The Beatles

Favorite food: Dark chocolate

Spirit Animal: - Rafiki

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