Caidi L., 25, South Boston

January 01, 2018

"My experience with NamaStay Sober, hands down, has been a blessing in disguise. It's hard to put into words how truly grateful I am to be a part of this program. I learned how to meditate for the 1st time and it was a powerful experience all thanks to NamaStay Sober. I was paired up with a partner and practiced yoga 4 times a week which was amazing because having a fitness partner really got my butt up and getting me to the studio on time. Throughout my journey this program has been a part of my recovery from the start and I have learned a lot of self help tools to deal with anxiety and to live a healthy life." 

Laura Orcutt, Manager at our partner studio: Brooklyn Boulders (BKB)

November 05, 2016

Incorporating NamaStay Sober's community into our existing community at Brooklyn Boulders has been very beneficial for both sides. It's really inspiring to hear that someone in recovery now identifies themselves as a climber, or yogi rather than an addict, and it's rewarding to know we played a small part in that. Our community has also really enjoyed the development of the NamaStay Sober cohort as it diversifies our community and opens our community up to a new perspective and new approach towards fitness and community. Working with Nicoletta and Morgan has been a pleasure, as they've been flexible and accommodating in the development of this cohort - willing to try new things and iterate as need be. We've been able to make climbing, yoga and fitness more accessible to a group that would otherwise not be supported at BKB and that's been the most inspiring part!

Alex R., 33, Boston, MA

January 01, 2018

I have had the pleasure of practicing regularly for over a year at O2 Yoga thanks to its partnership with NamaStay Sober.  O2 has idyllic spaces to practice with the most welcoming staff, top notch teachers and an all around vibrant community.  Their classes cater to all ability levels from first time yogis to the most experienced and everyone in between.  Prior to my membership at O2, I had done yoga more sporadically for several years, bouncing around different studios and not having much consistency to my practice. Thanks to my membership with NamaStay Sober and O2 I was able to form a healthy habit of regularly attending the same classes each week, greatly improving my yoga practice which has had a lasting positive effect on my life and recovery.  I have had the pleasure of getting to know the teachers and other students better, feeling part of the awesome community that has helped me to further my practice and feel apart of something bigger.  Classes at O2 are always something I really look forward to, I immediately feel relaxed when I walk in, and always leave refreshed (#blissedout).  I am extremely grateful to both NamaStay Sober and O2 for allowing me to continue to be a part of these communities and have yoga be a key piece of my self improvement path.” 

Carrie C., 43, Revere

January 01, 2017

"I was a member of NamaStay Sober from January 2017 - January 2018! I joined in my first year of recovery and it changed my life. How you may ask, well I didn't know much about myself let alone yoga! Being an addict/alcoholic I used substances to numb my feelings! Yoga taught me how to deal with those feelings the correct way! Yes, I learned how to breathe and be with myself but I also learned how to deal with life situations! I learned how to sit with my feelings and be out without picking up! So you see, it's not just about yoga, it's about community and learning that I'm not alone! NamaStay Sober has so many benefits for helping people like myself in recovery, from yearly memberships to organized recovery events! I wouldn't be where I am today, 1 year and 10 months sober without NamaStay Sober." 

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